Move-Out Procedure

Your lease expires at 5:00pm on the date listed on your lease agreement. Please call the office (617) 266-1168 X3 or email once you have completed your move. You, your belongings and all rubbish must be completely moved out of the apartment and all cleaning finished no later than 5:00pm on that day. Unit keys and mailbox keys may be left on your kitchen counter. Please make sure that you have provided our office with your forwarding address to facilitate the prompt return of any/all deposits and move-out related paperwork.

Notice Concerning All August 30th Move-Outs

Your current lease expires on August 30th at 5:00pm. During the month of August our office will provide you with several notices, emails and letters addressing the move-out procedure in great detail. In order to ensure a maximum Security Deposit return, please pay close attention to these letters, emails and notices and follow the move-out instructions closely.

As indicated in your lease, you are responsible for having the unit professionally cleaned as well as having any/all carpets professionally steam cleaned prior to departure. Invoices related to these services should be forwarded to our office as proof that the services were completed prior to move out.

Please take the time to make any necessary repairs to your unit and thoroughly clean the apartment during the weeks leading up to your lease expiration. It is impossible to clean a year’s worth of living the day before move-out so please take the time and make the effort to prepare your unit well in advance. Please remember to use the city trash days the weeks leading up to your move to properly dispose of all rubbish, furniture etc. The landlord does not pay for rubbish removal for you on the day of move out and it is likely that your move out date will not coincide with the city’s normal trash schedule. You will be held responsible for any and all costs associated with rubbish removal and city trash violations relating to trash left behind on your move-out day.

It is unlawful to reside in the apartment beyond your lease termination date and time. Those found in violation will face fines of up to $500/hour plus relocation costs, so please make sure to start your move and complete all cleaning with enough time to finish by 5:00pm on August 30th.

August is the busiest move-out month in the city. Moving companies and U-Hauls must be secured months in advance. Please take this into consideration and make your moving reservations in May or June if you need to secure assistance with your move.

“I could not book a U-Haul” is not an excuse for a delayed move out time.

A copy of our Move-Out Notice can be found here:

Please refer to this notice as a guide to limit any deductions from your security deposit.

Lease Expiration 5:00pm on the date listed on your lease agreement

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