Lease Break Policy

Heath Properties does not allow lease breaks. Under certain circumstances special considerationis made. Lease breaks are considered on a case by case basis and are not a right.In the case that Heath Properties provides written consent to terminate a lease early, a fee equal to one (1) month will be charged in addition to other fees outlined in the lease break policy. The lease break fee does not include costs associated with Term Rental Shortages; Real Estate Fees; Advertising Costs and/or Credit Reporting Fees. Heath Properties may assist in advertising an apartment for re-rental but will not guarantee or take any responsibility for securing a replacement tenant for any given lease term.

  1. Heath Properties and the current lessee(s) will work together to advertise the unit for re-rental. Our team can place the apartment on our listing sheet which is circulated to most real estate companies in the city, daily. The current lessee(s) should also place advertisements in the local papers and on the internet, including Craigslist. Any interested parties should be forwarded to our office for follow up.
  2. You will be required to reimburse Heath Properties for any real state fees paid on your behalf (if any) to re-rent your unit. In Massachusetts, the real estate fee is typically equal to one month’s rent. If time becomes a constraint, offering to pay the real estate fee can often be the convincing factor to a potential renter and should be considered to help facilitate your lease break
  3. You are required to pay your monthly rent through the term of your lease and any extensions thereof until the apartment has been successfully re-rented and our office has collected a signed lease and all monies associated with the re-rental of the property. This will apply even if you are not physically living in the apartment during the re-rental process.
  4. If the unit is re-rented for less that your current monthly rent, you will be held responsible for the difference in rent through the term of your current lease and any extensions thereof.
  5. You are required to keep current on all utility accounts, whether you occupy the unit or not, through the term of your lease or until the unit has been successfully re-rented. This is especially important during the winter months. If damage is caused to the property as a result of your negligence, you will be held responsible for any and all costs associated with repairs and replacement costs for items that are not able to be repaired. An example of such damage would be: If water pipes froze and burst, flooding out the unit and/or any other units in the building due to your heat being off.
  6. You are required to reimburse Heath Properties and/or its agents for all advertising costs associated with re-renting the apartment.
  7. If you vacate the unit during the re-rental process, you are responsible for reimbursing Heath Properties for any and all costs associated with restoring the unit to a “clean and habitable condition with no defects” so that we can market the same condition to new, potential clients.
  8. You are responsible for all costs, including attorney’s fees, for the collection and enforcement of this lease.

Please reach out to our team if you have any further questions or concerns. Lease breaks and sublets are not recommended.

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