Rental Forms

Application Form

A rental application must be filled out if you are applying to rent an apartment or a parking space or if you are subletting a room in an apartment. All of the information on the form must be filled out in its entirety in order for your application to be considered.

Standard Lease Form

If you would like to see a copy of a standard lease, please print out a sample lease which can be accessed through the button below.

Guaranty of Lease Forms

Applicants are required to have a qualified guarantor cosign the lease if they are a student, if they are not financially qualified to rent the apartment on their own or if they have a poor credit history. The term Student includes but is not limited to: undergraduate, graduate, medical, post doctorate, law and dental students.

Please choose the appropriate form for the apartment that you are renting. Contact our office if you are not sure which form to use.

ACH Enrollment Form

All tenants are required to enroll in our automatic rent withdrawal program. The full monthly rent will be debited from an account that you choose on the first business day of each month beginning the month after move in.

Deposit Transfer Form

The deposit transfer form must be filled out if you are renewing your lease but changing one or more roommates. Both the current tenants and the future tenants must sign the form. Signing this form transfers ownership of all deposits being held for the apartment from the current lessees to the future lessees. New tenants joining existing roommates will be added to the lease as if they signed the original contract and will be accepting the condition of the apartment “as is”.

Forwarding Address

Please provide us with your forwarding address prior to move out. Security Deposit Returns and move out paperwork will be mailed out to the 1st person listed on the lease only. If you fail to provide our office with your forwarding address any and all checks and /or paperwork will be mailed out to your last known address.

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    Privacy Policy

    In compliance with the requirements of G.L. c. 93H, Heath Properties (hereinafter, “Management”) has adopted the following privacy policy with respect to the handling of personal information of all applicants, tenants, and guarantors:

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