Real Estate Agents

Thank you for your interest in showing/renting the properties that we manage. Heath Properties has developed many long standing relationships with real estate companies in the Greater Boston Area and we appreciate all of the support and insight you all have to offer.

Our rental listings are available through You Got Listings in real time. If you have questions or concerns regarding access to our rental listings please reach out to Josh Freeman at

Keys can be checked out from our office Monday through Friday between 10:00am and 4:00pm. Agents must provide copies of their valid driver’s licenses, real estate licenses and a business card before receiving keys. Keys must be returned before the end of the business day unless special arrangements have been made with management in advance.

Please be courteous and respectful when coordinating showings with our tenants. Remember that you are entering into someone’s home as a guest. We require that you be respectful of their property and apartment at all times. Make certain that you leave the apartment in the same condition as you entered. Turn off any and all lights, close bedroom doors and make sure that the unit and building doors are shut and locked when you leave. When possible, notice should always be provided to our tenants before showing their apartments. We suggest at least 24 hour notice. Our office would prefer that you call and not text our residents to schedule showings and always offer a business card to the tenant before showing their unit to your clients.

Application Process

To take a unit off of the market for your client(s) a completed application package must be submitted to our office. The application package should always contain the original, signed and notarized forms – copies of forms will not be accepted. If you are submitting an application package after hours it is okay to scan and email the completed package directly to Josh Freeman at The original documents and deposit checks should be delivered to our office first thing in the morning the following business day.

A completed application package should contain the following:

  1. Completed rental applications from all applicants.
    1. We prefer to have you use our rental application but will accept your office’s application form if needed. The application must be filled out in its entirety to be considered. Social security numbers are mandatory.
  2. Guaranty of Lease Forms (if applicable) for each applicant.
    1. Applicants are required to have a qualified guarantor cosign the lease if they are a student, if they are not financially qualified to rent the apartment on their own or if they have a poor credit history. The term Students includes but is not limited to: undergraduate, graduate, medical, post doctorate, law and dental students
    2. Cosigner forms must be notarized – we will not accept copies. Please contact a member of our team in advance to make sure you are using the correct form for the apartment your clients are applying for.
    3. International Students not able to secure Guarantors in the country are able to submit an I-20 form in lieu of the Guarantor Form.
  3. Comprehensive Credit Reports for each applicant and each guarantor.
    1. Our office prefers that you provide us with copies of your client’s credit reports.
    2. Our management team has the ability to pull credit reports for your clients at a rate of $35/report, if needed. A letter of consent from the applicant must accompany the $35 check before we will run credit. Please check with a member of our team to make certain the check is payable to the correct entity.
  4. First Month’s Rent Deposit
    1. All deposits must be made in cleared funds (Cashier’s Check or Broker’s Check). Personal checks will not be accepted. We also do not accept cash or credit card payments at the office. Please speak with a member of our team in advance to make sure the check is made payable to the correct entity.

Approval Process

Our team will review your completed rental application package. Please be advised that during this process additional information may be requested. This process may take up to two business days.

Lease Signing

Once your client(s) have been approved to lease the apartment you must schedule a lease signing at our office. Our team is available for lease signings Monday through Friday between 10:00am and 4:00pm. All prospective tenants must sign the lease within 48 hours of being approved. All applicants must be present at the lease signing.

We will only make one appointment per apartment to sign the lease.

At the lease signing the following will be due:

  1. All original application paperwork (if not already provided).
  2. $100 check for the Key Installation Fee.
  3. Voided check to set up your apartment’s account for automatic monthly rent withdrawals. All tenants are required to enroll in our automatic rent withdrawal program. The full monthly rent will be debited from an account that you choose on the first business day of each month beginning the month after move in. It is suggested that a new, joint bank account be opened and used in the case of multiple roommates, with the first person named on the lease as the primary account holder.

Deposit Payments

For most deals we will require the following deposits to be paid prior to move-in:

  1. First Month’s Rent
  2. Last Month’s Rent
  3. Security Deposit (Equal to one month’s rent)
  4. Key Installation Fee

All deposits must be paid in full within 30 days of lease signing and before move-in.

All payments must be made in cleared funds (Cashier’s Check or Broker’s Check). We do not accept cash or credit card payments at the office.

Please contact a member of our team in advance to ensure the checks are made payable to the correct entity.

Please note: We will not release the keys to an apartment unless the deal has been completed. Following the schedule above indicates that all deals will be complete within 30 days of lease signing. A deal that remains incomplete after 30 days of lease signing risks being re-listed for rent. If the apartment is relisted for rent your clients risk having to forfeit any and all rental deposits that have been already provided to our office.

Real Estate Fees

In the event that Heath Properties is contributing towards the real estate fee for a rental, agents will need to submit an invoice to our office with a filled out W-9.  Invoices should be submitted at lease signing and will be paid after the deal has been completed.  The landlord must receive all funds and original paperwork before an agent collects their fee.

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